Is My Bird Sick?

Is My Bird Sick?

Is My Bird Sick?When a bird falls ill in the wild, it will do everything possible to show no signs of weakness to reduce its chances of falling victim to predators. Unfortunately, this evolutionary trait can make it difficult for owners of pet birds to tell if their feathery friend is not feeling well. Chances are, by the time you notice something is wrong with your bird, it has likely been sick for quite some time. By educating yourself on the subtle signs of illness in birds, you can get it to a qualified veterinarian so it is properly cared for before it's too late. If you notice any of the following, be sure to contact your vet immediately to schedule an avian vet visit.

What Causes Avian Illness?

There are many factors that contribute to the overall health of a bird. These can be environmental, age related, trauma, hygiene induced, and more. It's important to note that just because your bird may seem normal in appearance, it may not be feeling well on the inside. Pay attention to these signs of illness in birds.

General Signs of Illness in Birds

Some of the most common signs of health issues in birds include a poor general appearance, reluctance to move, fluffed feathers, weakness, drooping wings, reduction or increase in drinking habits, or a sudden change in weight. These issues need to be addressed immediately.

Signs of Trouble in Eyes

Head to the vet if your bird keeps one or both eyes closed for long periods of time, has a red eye, has swelling in the eyes, or has eye discharge.

Breathing Troubles

Your bird should be given medical attention if it has respiratory issues that include labored breathing, nasal discharge or blockage, wheezing, coughing, or reduction in vocal noises.


A change in behavior, including an unwillingness to move or excessive aggression, irritability, biting, or other agitation, should warrant a trip to the vet.

Digestive Changes

Wet droppings, diarrhea, constipation, change in color to droppings, or vomiting are signs of health trouble in birds. Head to the vet right away.

Neurological Concerns

If you notice balance problems, a tilting head, falling, inability to fly, paralysis, or seizures, you'll want to visit your vet immediately. These are serious signs of trouble that warrant emergency medical care for birds.

If you believe that your bird is suffering from health troubles, it is best to allow a vet to complete thorough diagnostics so it has the best chance at a full recovery. When it is time for bird veterinary care in Miami, visit the compassionate team at Animal General Hospital. We are committed to providing your pet with the best possible care. Give us a call at (786) 288-5736 to request an appointment with our friendly Miami veterinary clinic. We are also available 24/7 for emergency care.

Posted: July 01, 2020