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Veterinarian Services in Miami Springs / Medley, FL
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Animal General Hospital is a full service veterinary clinic in Miami that is staffed by a team committed to providing the best possible care for your cat or dog to ensure they have as long and healthy of a life as possible. Whether your pet needs an annual exam or requires emergency vet care during our office hours give us a call to learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment. We look forward to assisting your pet with all of its medical needs.

  • General Medicine
  • Laser Service
  • Animal EKG
  • Animal Surgery
  • Animal Radiology
  • Endoscopy
  • Animal Dentist
  • Animal Boarding
  • Pet Baths
  • Animal Medicine
  • General Veterinary Care
  • Animal Hospital
  • Dog Veterinary Services in Miami

    We love helping our four-legged friends with all of their medical needs. Not only can we provide your pooch with preventative care, an annual exam and vaccinations, but we also complete surgery for dogs, dentistry for dogs and radiology for dogs, among many other services. When it's time for medical care for your dog, don't hesitate to contact us.

    Cat Veterinary Services

    Our feline loving staff is ready to assist with any and all of your cat's medical needs. From routine annual exams, shots and other preventative care, to complex cat surgery, cat dentistry, and kitty EKGs, we are here for your furry family members. To schedule an appointment with our Miami vet office for cats, please give us a call or use our contact form.

    Veterinary Dentistry

    If you have concerns about your pet's dental health, visit Animal General Hospital. We offer complete dental care for all our patients. This includes cleanings, dental surgery and other services that will allow your pet to eat and live without dental pain.

    Emergency Pet Care Available During Office Hours

    24/7 Emergency Animal CareThe compassionate team at Animal General Hospital is available during office hours to assist with emergency pet medical care in Miami. At the first sign of a problem with your pet, please give us a call. We can perform immediate animal surgery, pet lab testing, animal imaging and other services, ensuring your dog or cat is treated correctly as soon as possible.

    Animal General Hospital offers the highest quality veterinary care in Miami and the surrounding communities. We encourage you to give us a call to schedule an appointment at (786) 288-5736 when your pet is due for an annual exam and shots, or is exhibiting signs of health trouble. We will perform accurate diagnostics to ensure he or she gets the best possible veterinary care.