What are good ways to get exercise with my dog?

What are good ways to get exercise with my dog?

What are good ways to get exercise with my dog?Going for walks and jogs are convenient ways to get exercise alongside your pup. But if walking and jogging gets a little mundane for you, then there are also some other ways for you and your furry friend to stay fit and release endorphins. You'll just want to make sure you're not overstraining your dog. A simple check-up at the vet clinic can determine what amount of exercise your dog should be getting. At Animal General Hospital, our local veterinarians can provide you with the right information on how to keep your particular pooch in great shape. Here are four fun ways to exercise alongside your dog.


For dogs that like to run faster than you do, you can try to train them to run next to you while you skateboard or rollerblade. And you'll want to only do this on pathways where it is safe to do so. This definitely shouldn't be done along city streets. And if you have a bulldog, you might even be able to teach them to skateboard!

Backyard Agility Course

You can rig up an agility course in your yard using equipment such as hula hoops and cardboard boxes. To get exercise yourself, you'll simply run alongside your pup while shouting out instructions and encouraging words.


If you love to head out into the wilderness, then going hiking is a great way to get excellent exercise for you and your pup. But you'll always want to check whether dogs are allowed on the trail because certain popular areas are off-limits to dogs, which is often the case in national parks.


Of course, the Sunshine State offers a wealth of swimming options. However, before you dive in, you'll want to make sure your pup is fully comfortable in the water. When first figuring out your dog's aquatic ability, you'll want to choose a shallow and calm body of water. Also, for optimal safety, you can strap your dog into a properly fitting canine life jacket. Once safety measures have been taken into consideration, you can have a lot of fun swimming alongside your pup. Swimming is a great option for older dogs because it provides excellent exercise, but low impact on joints.

Veterinarian in Miami Springs

For a veterinarian in Miami and the surrounding area, contact Animal General Hospital at (786) 288-5736. At our nearby vet clinic, we can give you expert advice for your dog's diet and exercise needs. Feel free to give us a call today to make an appointment!

Posted: August 2022