Tips for Getting Your Dog to Swallow a Pill

Tips for Getting Your Dog to Swallow a Pill

Tips for Getting Your Dog to Swallow a PillOftentimes, dogs that seem to eat anything will still refuse to swallow pills. If your dog fits this description, you'll have to get a little tricky to get the pill to go down. Instead of getting frustrated and just trying to jam the pill down your pup's throat, you can try some techniques that will make it a more pleasant experience for both you and your dog. Here's a look at five tips for ways to get your dog to take a pill.

Put it in Food

Most dogs love cheese, which is a fine treat to give them in moderation. Take a slice of cheese, press the pill into it, fold the cheese, and hold it to your dog's snout. Or, if you think your dog would prefer deli meat, you could go that route instead.

Grind it Up

For this method, grind up the pill until it is powdery. Mix it up in a treat such as peanut butter or sour cream. Whatever food product you use, make sure you pup eats all of it so they get the full dose of medication.

Specialized Treat

There are pet treat companies that make products specifically designed to fit a pill within a pocket on the treat. It can turn out to be quite convenient to keep a bag of these treats in the cabinet.

Fake Food Trick

If your pup watches you cook dinner, desperately hoping that a scrap will fall to the floor, then you could try to trick them by knocking the pill off the countertop. This may work better if the pill is slathered in melted butter or meat grease.

Push Method

To help safely guide the pill into your dog's throat, you can gently open their mouth and place the pill on the back of the tongue. After that, softly hold the snout shut while lightly blowing on their nose or rubbing their throat to help the pill go easily down.

An experienced veterinarian can give you more advice on how to convince your dog to take their medication. For a veterinarian in Medley and Miami, FL, contact the experts at Animal General Hospital at (786) 288-5736. Feel free to give us a call today to schedule an appointment!

Posted: November 11, 2020