How We're Keeping Our Clients & Patients Safe During Covid-19

How We're Keeping Our Clients & Patients Safe During Covid-19

How We're Keeping Our Clients & Patients Safe During Covid-19At Animal General Hospital, we are taking all necessary measures to minimize the risk of Covid-19 transmission. We have worked diligently to create the workplace conditions that will make you feel comfortable bringing in your beloved pets to receive the healthcare that they need. Here's a look at the safety measures we're taking during Covid-19.


In accordance with the local mandate, we consistently wear masks in the office. Leaders of local hospitals have advised that wearing masks can significantly reduce the risk of transmission. Our staff is ready and willing to take all needed steps to keep our community safe. Even if masks can be uncomfortable at times, they are a necessary part of our comprehensive safety plan that allows us to remain open and available to care for our community's pets.

Hand Sanitizer

Studies have shown that alcohol-based hand sanitizers do effectively kill the coronavirus. Throughout the day, we consistently wash and/or sanitize our hands. We also make hand sanitizer available to our clients.

Clean Waiting Room

While we always keep our waiting room clean, we're taking extra measures to minimize the chances of coronavirus living on any surfaces in the waiting area. We understand that going to the vet can already be a stressful experience when a beloved pet is ill. It's important that we prioritize our clients' well-being during Covid-19 not just for their physical health, but also to put their minds at ease as much as possible.

Disinfect Work Surfaces

Whether there's a pandemic or not, we are diligent about maintaining clean work surfaces. During Covid-19, we make even more of an effort to regularly disinfect all areas of the office that come into contact with workers and pets.

Social Distancing

Whenever possible, we maintain several feet of distance between both workers and clients. This is one of the most important ways to reduce the risk of transmission. Though we love our team and our community, we're happy to remain a few steps away if it helps to keep everyone healthy.

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Posted: August 12, 2020