5 Fun Facts about Dogs

5 Fun Facts about Dogs

5 Fun Facts about Dogs

We all know dogs to be loving and loyal, but there are also some lesser-known facts about dogs that make them all the more lovable. The more we learn about dogs, the more fascinating they become. Here are five interesting facts about dogs.

Outrunning a Cheetah

Greyhounds don't just have great speed, but also incredible endurance. Although a cheetah can reach 70 mph in short distances, greyhounds can maintain a speed of 35 mph for up to seven miles. So, over a longer distance, they'd actually be able to catch up to---and then pass---a cheetah.

The Benefit of a Wet Nose

A wet nose helps a dog to absorb scent chemicals. The nasal dampness comes from a specialized mucus that traps scent chemicals, greatly boosting a dog's sense of smell. When a dog licks its nose, it can help it gauge where the smell is coming from. Also, despite widespread belief, when a dog's nose is dry, it doesn't indicate that they're sick. Rather, a dog's nose naturally cycles between wet and cool and warm and dry.

Dogs Can Boost Your Physical and Mental Health

Research indicates that petting a dog for 15 minutes can actually lower blood pressure by 10%. Also, studies show that having a dog companion can significantly reduce stress, anxiety, and depression.

Beatles and Dogs

A dog whistle was added to the end of the Beatles' song "A Day in the Life." At 15 kilohertz, the high frequency can't be heard by humans, but your dog may take notice if you let this song play all the way through.

Four-Legged Lifeguards

With webbed feet and waterproof double coats, Newfoundland dogs have historically been kept by fishermen to help rescue people who fall in the water. Napoleon Bonaparte was even saved by a Newfoundland after falling off his boat.

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Posted: May 13, 2021