Basic Tips for Good Dog Park Etiquette

Basic Tips for Good Dog Park Etiquette

Basic Tips for Good Dog Park EtiquetteIf you don't have much of a yard, then the dog park may become a great second home for you and your pup. To make sure that everyone at the park can have a nice time, it's important to keep in mind some rules of etiquette. Here's a look at some helpful tips for a safe and enjoyable time at the dog park.

Only Bring as Many Dogs as You Can Safely Handle

If you bring more dogs than you can comfortably watch, then one or more of your pups could become a nuisance to other park-goers.

Leave Aggressive Dogs at Home

Your dog might be incredibly loving toward you. However, it's important to be realistic about your dog's aggressiveness toward other people and/or dogs. By taking your aggressive dog to obedience class, it's possible that your dog's behavior will be altered to the extent that they can be trusted at the park.

Be a Pooper Scooper

For dog parks to remain a sanitary environment, users need to always pick up after their pups. And if you happen to see a mess left by another dog, it'll be much appreciated if you go ahead and take care of it.

Stay Current with Vaccinations

By keeping up with vaccinations, you'll help to reduce the risk of disease spreading between pups. Important vaccinations include rabies, parvo, distemper, and adenovirus.

Fill Up the Water Dish

Oftentimes, dog parks have a community water dish. If you see that the dish is getting low, you'll want to fill it back up so the pups can stay safely hydrated.

Always Latch Gate behind You

To make sure that everyone's pups remain safely enclosed within the park's fencing, it's very important that you always make sure that you latch the gate after you've opened it.

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Posted: March 2022