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Dr. Tom Campbell - Veterinarian

Dr. Campbell was born in Miami, Florida. He is happily married to Marsha, the office manager. Tom has a "litter" of three. His oldest is his son, T.J. Campbell Jr. Teri Campbell has three children of her own. Jaclyn, his step-daughter, is a graduate of Florida State University. Dr. Campbell & Marsha have dogs named Hoss and Mary Lamb...and one mouthy parrot named Jeremiah. Each pet loves to come to work with them at Animal General Hospital.

Dr. Campbell completed an internship with Dr. Bob Knowles who was ahead of his time in both surgery and intensive care. Then, he worked at Hollywood Animal Hospital for almost three years performing surgery and working with Dr. Clarence and Dr. Jon Dee.

Dr. Kelly Murray - Veterinarian

Dr. Kelly Murray was born and raised in Miami Springs, Florida and attended the University Of Florida. She graduated Magna Cum Laude receiving her Bachelor's in Science with a degree in Zoology. She then attended University Of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine where she again graduated Magna Cum Laude receiving her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in 2001.

Dr. Murray has been practicing small animal medicine/surgeries in Miami ever since. She has a young child which she spends as much time as possible with. She loves to read, work out, and travel.

Marsha Campbell - Office Manager

Marsha, Dr. Campbell's wife, is Animal General Hospital's office manager. She has always worked with Dr. Campbell, and before they were married, she was a client and a friend... the rest is history. Marsha loves being around the clients and animals.

The family has 2 dogs: Hoss & Mary Lamb... and Jeremiah, a yellow nape parrot (pictured with Marsha) who sings and talks his way into anyone's heart. Marsha believes that every family should have at least one pet. The unconditional love they give will greatly enrich any family's life.

Jiovanni "Jio" Rodriguez - Lab Technician

Jiovanni was born and raised in Miami, FL and has been working at Animal General Hospital for over 10 years. He assists Dr. Campbell with all client needs and surgeries. and various lab related tasks.

"My goals are to make sure your pet is happy and help Dr. Campbell keep them healthy while making all their visits as comfortable as possible."

Marcie Gutierrez - Kennel Manager

Marcie was born and raised in Miami, Florida. She has been working in animal healthcare for over 15 years and has about 11 years of experience working at Animal General Hospital. She has dogs and loves them very much. Marcie cares for all of the patients at Animal General and also keeps our facility clean & sanitized. She also makes our furry patients stay here as cozy as possible.

"I treat our patients just as if it were a human being. They too deserve all the love and affection one can offer."

Yanira "Yani" Perez - Receptionist & Lab Technician

Yanira was born and raised in Miami, Florida. She has been with Animal General Hospital since 2006. She has worked 5 years as our Receptionist & 2 years as a Lab Technician. She loves animals dearly and has several pets of her own. Her pride and joy is her 3 year old Italian Greyhound named "Godiva" who is also one of our team members.

"I love and dedicate myself to delivering exceptional customer service and look forward to continue serving our pets and clients for years to come. I grow a bond with every pet I can as if it were one of mine."