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A Message From Dr. Tom Campbell, DVM
Animal General Hospital's Miami Veterinarian

I love my work and especially my clients. I try to give all my patients the best quality of life and longevity. I have never stopped studying since I graduated from Auburn. I believe you must be able to offer the highest quality of medicine, surgery, and dental care. Our hospital has one of the most sophisticated labs in South Florida. We also have two surgery sites: one for endoscopy/dentistry, and another for all other surgeries. For example, we did our first kidney transplant in 1985 on a Doberman. We offer written estimates for anything we do...and we do whatever we can for you and your pets. Whether it is laser surgery or cardiac work, we are there for YOU!

About Dr. Campbell

Tom Campbell

Dr. Campbell was born in Miami, Florida. He is happily married to Marsha, the office manager. Tom has a "litter" of three. His oldest is his son, T.J. Campbell Jr. Teri Campbell has three children of her own. Jaclyn, his step-daughter, is a graduate of Florida State University. Dr. Campbell & Marsha have a cat...and one mouthy parrot named Jeremiah. Quite often, Jeremiah, can be heard talking at Animal General Hospital. 

Dr. Campbell completed an internship with Dr. Bob Knowles who was ahead of his time in both surgery and intensive care. Then, he worked at Hollywood Animal Hospital for almost three years performing surgery and working with Dr. Clarence and Dr. Jon Dee.

Dr. Campbell's Memberships

AAHA: American Animal Hospital Association: 1972 - present

AVMA: American Veterinary Medical Association: 1970 - present

FVMA: Florida Veterinary Medical Association: 1970 - present
(Board of Directors - Chaired and wrote the Code of Ethics for Florida)

SFVMA: South Florida Veterinary Medical Association

  • past President
  • past Secretary
  • past Board Member

Rotary: Hialeah Miami Springs Chapter

  • 30 years of perfect attendance
  • currently: President
  • past Vice President
  • past Secretary present Board Member