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Animal General Hospital Testimonials

We've created this list of some of the "best of the best" testimonials from our guestbook & our social media outlets.

Guest Comments

I love this place, it doesn't get better than this. Dr. Campbell has always taken care of Mia and Alaska and every single time I have been here I have been very happy with the care they have give my 2 little dogs. Price wise is also great here. I highly recommend this place!

Maria G. | Miami, FL (via Yelp)

I just wanted to say a BIG ! Thank You to Dr. Campbell and his staff. My dog Sparky is looking and feeling back to his old self, and the bandages are not even off yet! Thank you.

Sharon J. | Miami, FL (via Google My Business)

Dr. Campbell is an outstanding veterinarian. On two occasions within the last three months he has saved my two dogs lives. The first was my puppy Lola, a chihuahua-rat terrior mix who was 6 months old. She ate something very bad in the back yard and was gravely ill. Dr. Campbell did everything he could to save her...She is doing wonderful now thanks to him. The second occasion was when my 10 year old miniature pinscher, Sweet Pea got hit by a car around 9:30 at night. I called Dr. Campbell who directed me exactly where to go once again saving my dogs life. Sweet Pea has recovered and is doing well. Thanks so much Dr. Campbell.

Nanette C. | Miami, FL (via Facebook)

I absolutely love this place. DR Murray is AMAZING and you can tell she loves what she does. They treated my baby orange tabby OJ for a virus called Coccidia which is a parasite and was making my kitty very sick. DR Murray was able to see me right away and I was only charged $9 for his medicine. I really enjoy this place and the Vet.

Rachel N. | Miami, FL (via Yelp)

Dr Campbell is excellent. He did surgery on my cat and did an excellent job and did not charge ridiculously high prices like other vets. I would definitely recommend this animal hospital to anyone.

Tim V. | Miami, FL (via Google My Business)

Love this place. My 13 year old lab has been seeing Dr. Campbell for about a year now. The staff is incredibly friendly and caring. Buddy recently had to have two surgeries. Dr. Campbell and his staff took amazing care of my precious family member during his healing. I am so glad that I found Animal General Hospital. They are caring AND affordable. I am forever grateful.

Shelley S. | Miami Springs, FL (via Facebook)

Before we start I would just like to get this out of the way: I am THAT pooch parent. The one that feeds her dogs better than I feed myself, if there's a scratch on my dogs paw I rush them to the vet. Yeah, that kind. I treat my babies... like babies. I use to work at a vet many moons ago so I'm quite picky about the vet that I visit. When I got my Great Danes, I did some extensive research and interviewed Dr. Campbell to found out if he fit my ideals of what a vet should be like and how they should respond if there were to be a situation. He fit the bill! The staff is extremely well educated, friendly and caring. They learn your name for the next visit! I've never waited more than half hour on a busy day. I work Monday through Friday, and their schedule fits me and most of the world. They are opened Saturday through Wednesday. They do boarding for extremely small to extremely large dogs and of course cats and birds. One of my Danes has always had health complications and this vet never ceases to amaze me. Dr. Campbell is honest and a straight forward no frills doctor. Oh my favorite part also? This vet office doesn't smell like a vet office! They are super clean and tidy.

Donna H. | Miami, FL (via Yelp)

Dr. Campbell: I have thought about you many many times over the past 3 1/2 years. I have also spoke to many people about you. You are my dog Lucky's Guardian Angel. As a puppy he was looking at being crippledfor life or being put to sleep. Today he leads an active pain free life. This is due to your skills as a surgeon. We are eternally grateful to you. Michael Sachs and Lucky.

Michael S. | Hollywood, FL (via Facebook)

Dear Dr. Campbell, Wanted to let you know that our precious Effie passed to the Rainbow Bridge this past Saturday. She was diagnosed with lymhomia in May. We had some wonderful final months with her and she passed in our arms at our Dr's office here. Thank you for all the care you gave our three fur kids when we lived in Miami.

Danny A. | Dallas, TX

We are impressed at dedication and love given to our dog Nina by Doctor Campbell and his team, not counting the outstanding professionals they are. Highly recommend them for those ones that does not know where to take our loving ones to be really treated by a highly qualified professional. Doctor Campbell, my family is very grateful to what you did for our pet and all the attention you gave to us when she was in the hospital.

Nelson B. | Miami, FL

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